Ode to Aveiro and its tiles


I have a deep passion for trains and train stations so when I arrived to Aveiro that was the first thing I captured. As I spent more time there, I started to notice the different tiles around the city’s houses. I compiled all of them in the hope I will be able to do something with it afterwards.

There isn’t a city that I found more photogenic than Aveiro. It’s not out of nowhere they call it the Portuguese Venice, the “moliceiros” passing by, mostly with tourists I assume, definitely remind us of that. Go on this ride and for a good couple of minutes you forget you’re in Portugal, it’s somewhere completely different…


If you pass by Aveiro, don’t miss the beaches, visit the highest lighthouse in Portugal and the striped houses in Costa Nova (my personal favorite!). Of course you have to eat at some point, I recommend you to try some sweet things such as “ovos moles”, made out of egg yolk and tripas (not to be mistaken with tripas de porco). This speciality is very similar to a crepe but with a slight difference in texture. Go to Tripas Têzero and try one of the many combinations that they have, including all the chocolate brands you can imagine melted just for you 🙂

Aveiro has one of the most tasty craft beers I’ve ever had, the award-winning Maldita comes in three different types: blonde, brown and dark. My parents and I had one of each but I was more of a fan of the brown one.


Just a small car drive away and you will find yourself in Sever do Vouga, a magical place where you can relax and wet your feet.

Like a tourist I had a list of things that I wanted to see but ended up missing the Art Nouveau Museum! Luckily, there was a tea house in the same building with a huge selection of teas, if you’re a tea fan like me definitely stop there.

It was a great weekend getaway from Lisbon and although I find Aveiro to be a small city for me to live in, I will definitely recommend the visit!

Keep wandering,

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