Places to Visit in Berlin

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Mitte is Berlin’s main cultural centre!

In 2001, the borough combined three old boroughs – Mitte, Tiergarten and Wedding and became known simply as Mitte, sometimes translated as “Midtown”.

The area streches between the Brandenburg Gate and Alexanderplatz.


Formerly part of West Berlin, Kreuzberg is known by locals as X-Berg.

The area was extremely poor during the 1970’s but it soon recovered and became the home of Berlin’s subculture movements!

Today Kreuzberg is one of the trendiest districts in Berlin, featuring clubs, bars and alternative boutiques.


Prince is a popular lunch spot for workers in the Mitte neighbourhood.

Serving crossover creations inspired by Southeast Asia, the restaurant is open from breakfast to dinner!

At night the restaurant attracts many Berlin visitors, lured not only by the food but also by the delicious gin cocktails served at the bar.

Let It Be

Everyone loves crepes and burgers, but “Let it be” has turns these famous treats into delicious Vegan delicacies!

More and more vegan restaurants are opening in the German capital, promoting a healthy diet for both locals and tourists.

“Let it be” might be small but the menu is huge, meaning you will have a hard time making a decision! Some of the best choices are the Fiona Apple, a sweet crêpe filled with fresh fruit and agave syrup and the Johnny Marr sandwich with caramelized tofu and homemade chutney, but there many other equally tasty options!

The restaurant is closed on Mondays and only serves lunches during the weekend, so it’s probably best to try it at night.

Pfaueninsel Palace

Built by Friedrich Wilhelm in the 18th century, this white palace is set on Pfaueninsel, also known as “Peacock Island”.

Its circular towers are visible from a far and make this UNESCO Heritage look like a medieval castle.

Surrounding the palace you have a park where you can see peacocks, frogs, woodpeckers and many other creatures. Due to the protected flora and fauna species, you’re not allowed to bring your dogs or even smoke on the island!

Sanssouci Palace

Set in Postdam, Sanssouci is a beautiful example of Rococo style!

The palace was originally designed for Frederick the Great, King of Prussia as his summer retreat, a place where he could relax “without concerns” – the literal translation for the French expression sans souci.

Today, this World Heritage Site attracts over two million visitors per year!

Britz Palace

Visit the Britz Palace and learn more about the wealthy Berliners’ lifestyle during the 19th century!

Open from Tuesdays to Sundays, the palace tour will take you to several historical rooms including a men’s room, women’s room, hunting room, terrace room and a concert hall.

Exhibitions and concerts are on every month, so stay tuned to the palace’s agenda!

Flea Market at Straße des 17.Juni

Step into the oldest flea market in Berlin!

Since 1978, locals and tourists come here looking for the best bargain. From old cabinets to fine porcelain, it’s worth browsing through every stall to find something unique.

Make sure to also stop by the arts and crafts market, where you will find wooden toys, ceramic pieces and much more.

Come rain or shine, the market takes place every weekend between 10am and 5pm on Straße des 17.

The best way to get here is to take the S-Bahn and get off at Tiergarten.

English Theatre Berlin

English is the main spoken language at this Berlin theatre!

The program features exclusively English-speaking performances, mostly produced in Berlin but they often host international guests as well.

Beyond theatre, the venue is used for concerts, dance performances and comedy shows.

Make sure to check the annual festival “The Expat Expo”, where the local artistic community comes together to showcase their latest work.

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