Best Lisbon Pub Quizzes

Lisbon Pub Quiz

“May the Nothing Knowers please step forward and come claim your prize”, announced the quiz master last night.

This might sound like a winners speech but as you can tell by our team’s name, we actually came last! Regardless, we got ourselves a free drink, something they give to the losing teams to make us feel a little bit better.

First place, second place and even we got a prize, the rest? Just the thought that they could have won if they hadn’t fail this one or that one.

I was confident that we were going to lose, I mean four Portuguese people in an English pub quiz the odds are probably against us. Although most questions were about common knowledge, I guess we still haven’t acquired enough of it in our twenties to be able to win a dinner for two. I mean why would we, when you can get a free drink and share it with the rest of the team.

So we left Hennessy’s feeling like the less we knew the better, to quote the latest Tame Impala’s song.

Apart from the occasional music answers like “No Doubt” or “Smash Mouth” I have to admit I kind of suck at these quizzes, regardless it’s still nice to grab a drink after work and meet up with people.

Trivia nights have become a part of my monthly routine ever since I met Nick in late March. We’ve been winners, losers and mostly stood in the middle but we always had a blast doing it 🙂

If you want to give this world a try, here are a couple of places I recommend:

Best Lisbon Pub Quizzes

O’Gilins Pub
When? Every two weeks on a Sunday
Where? Lisbon
What do you win? A prize for each round you win plus a price for the overall winners.
Language? English

Duke Restaurant & Pub
When? Last sunday of the month
Where? Cascais
What do you win? A prize for each round you win (we got Ethiopian coffee) – sometimes they divide it so everyone has something in the end, overall winners get a bottle of wine (we got four for the whole team)
Language? English

Hennessy’s Irish Pub
When? Last monday of the month
Where? Cais Sodré
What do you win? First place (dinner for two), Second place (bottle of wine), Last place (free drink) /Updated  last place now get a packet of crisps!
Language? English

Largo Café Estúdio
When? Every thursday
Where? Intendente
What do you win? The winners get what their table ordered for free.
Language? Portuguese

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