Showing off Lisbon to Mom and Dad


By this time last year I was weighing the pros and cons of moving to Lisbon, and though the distance from Cascais was roughly 30 km, the big question was – was I moving out of my parents house or not? The answer was an astounding yes!

I love living in the city and having pretty much everything within walking distance. I remember when Lisbon was this “scary place”  that my mom wouldn’t let me take the train on my own.

All these temptations – drugs, alcohol and boys were all coming to get you, at least according to my mom. And yes, she was right about a couple of things, but I didn’t need to move to Lisbon to experience any of it.

Jardim do Torel

Last weekend I took my parents on a tour – it felt weird. It’s not like they don’t know the city, but it feels like it’s mine now and I’ve been given the role to share it.

On a rainy Saturday, Nick and I headed over to Gulbenkian to meet my parents. No matter how many times I go there, I always get lost, which is good in a way ‘cause I end up finding new things. As usual, the Gulbenkian buffet restaurant was full, honestly I don’t remember the food being overwhelming good but somehow it draws people in.

Plan B was the restaurant Oh! Lacerda – outside it looks like any other Portuguese restaurant, but as soon as you go in it’s like you travelled back in time – hand painted tiles, bills framed on the wall and pots hanging from the ceiling make this place a unique sight.

It felt like I had been there before, which my dad confirmed when he took a break from sending out his work emails.

The food was absolutely delicious and it made me wonder why we were the only ones there. It was like we knew something that no else did. If you enjoy a good piece of meat you should definitely stop by, oh and their chocolate cake was out of this world!

My dad is hardly ever satisfied with his meal, so when he started craving ice cream, I knew just the place to take him! One of Gulbenkian’s cafés happens to be known for its distinct ice cream flavours.


There was something magical about visiting the Gulbenkian gardens on a rainy day, it was like the colors were brighter for some reason. I can’t believe I used to work close this place and never really had the time to go there.

The whole point of this trip was to go to Palacete Vitrvs, a recovered building close to Jardim do Torel which to be honest, wasn’t that exciting. Tables were full with people having their afternoon tea, but the space itself wasn’t that welcoming. The area however is stunning, all these fancy palace look-a-like buildings will eventually end up on my Instagram account!

Despite the lousy weather we walked until Casa do Alentejo, a former casino where Moroccan-inspired interiors meets delicious Alentejo food. We grabbed a couple of beers at the small tavern and discussed where to go for dinner. It was more like I suggested a place and next thing you know I was making a reservation for four.


The last stop of this sporadic tour was the Templo Hindu. I saw many people raving about it and since I come from an Indian family, I thought it would be nice to try it out. Drawn by the promise of a spice-only menu, we were all a bit disappointed by the end – delicious food yes, just not as spicy as I was lead to believe! After finishing my second round of rotis, my dad drove us back to this place I now call home.


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