Los Angeles

Beverly Hills

(This is a compilation of Los Angeles areas written for the Clarice app)

Los Angeles

Los Angeles is the heart of the entertainment industry!

The city was once a part of Mexico, hence why many of its residents have latin roots.

Writers, musicians and directors travel from all over the world to live the American dream.

L.A. is also blessed with good weather, with barely any rainy days per year, the beaches are always welcoming visitors.

After a refreshing swim, go by the Walk of Fame, do your shopping at Beverly Hills or visit the studios and theme parks, chances are you will bump into at least one celebrity on the way!

Beverly Hills

You’re bound to spot at least one celebrity walking around Beverly Hills!

From the high-end boutiques on Rodeo Drive to the luxury mansions on the hills, this neighborhood is often featured on films and TV series, like the famous “90210”.

Home to the rich and famous, Beverly Hills is a premier destination for foodies, fashion aficionados and anyone looking for their 15 minutes of fame!


You know you made it in Hollywood when your name is on the Walk of Fame!

Elvis Presley, Quentin Tarantino and Julie Andrews, are only a few people who earned a star on this famous boulevard. Even fictional characters like Mickey Mouse are featured here.

Hollywood is the heart of the movie industry. Out here you can snap a picture with celebrity look-a-likes, see the Dolby Theatre before it’s prepped for the Oscars or do a tour of your favorite studios!

Echo Park

Welcome to LA’s most eclectic neighborhood!

Whether you’re catching a game at the Dodger Stadium or hunting old vinyls at Permanent Records, Echo Park leaves no one out of the picture.

Get a paddle boat at the Echo Park Lake or enjoy a bird’s-eye view of the city on top of the Baxter Street Stairs!

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