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Atelier Giovanni Segantini (Maloja)

Visit Giovanni Segantini’s atelier right in the heart of Maloja!

The Italian painter lived in this alpine village until his death in 1894.

The atelier is a small-scale reproduction of the unfinished Engadin pavilion, a commission for the Paris World’s Fair in 1900.

While you can admire its architecture every day, the interior can only be visited on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays from 3pm to 5pm.

Belvedere Tower Maloja

Before opening to the public, the Belvedere served as a hotel, boarding school and to the Swiss Army.

It was originally built in the 19th century for the Belgian Count Camille de Renesse, founder of the Maloja Palace. However, due to long construction works and a financial crisis, he never managed to live here.

Admission is free and the tower provides a great view of the entire village!

Make sure to schedule your visit ahead of time, as Belvedere only opens from mid-June to mid-October.

Giovanni Segantini Museum

Come face to face with Giovanni Segantini’s masterpieces!

This 19th century Italian artist moved to Maloja in 1894 and soon became known for its realistic symbolism painting.

The museum’s main attraction is the triptych “Life, Nature and Death”, a piece that the painter was working on before his death in 1899.

Other pieces worth admiring are “Ave Maria on the Lake” and the “Midday in the Alps”.

Lake Sils

Lake Sils is the largest natural lake in the Alps.

From June to September you can cross the lake by boat from Sils Maria to Maloja, a 40 minutes trip.

Enjoy its beautiful surroundings, including  Plaun da Lej, Isola and the Chastè peninsula, where Friedrich Nietzsche used to come for inspiration.

It is also possible to cycle and hike around the lake. The route starts in St. Moritz and takes you all to way to Maloja.

Olympic Bob Run St. Moritz

Welcome to the world’s only natural ice bob run!

Every year the run hosts national and international bob championships, as well as toboggan championships. It also welcomes the Bobrun Skating event, where around 100 ice hockey players race down the bob run.

It is open from the end of December to early March, every day from 09:30am to 12:30pm.

The starting point is behind the Hotel Bären, a 10-min walk from the centre.

Leaning Tower

St.Moritz has its own Tower of Pisa!

Built in the 16th century, the Leaning Tower is one of the most important sites in the area.

It was originally part of the St. Mauritius Church and has since been restored five times.

While some try to straighten it, the 33-metre tower still is more inclined than the Tower of Pisa, with 5.5 degree tilt.

Make sure to visit this famous sight, located right opposite the Kulm Hotel.

Cresta Run

Every year the Cresta Run, a natural ice run is established in St.Moritz.

This ¾ mile run starts in St.Moritz and it goes all the way to the former village of Cresta, now part of Celerina.
Experienced riders can ride from the Top, while others are advised to begin at the Junction, opposite the Clubhouse.

The Cresta has 10 corners, each of them with a different name. The most famous is Shuttlecock. If you find your way here you will be entitled to wear a Shuttlecock tie.

Mount Corvatsch

Enjoy the beautiful ride to Mount Corvatsch!

Overlooking Lake Sils and Lake Silvaplana, Mount Corvatsch is one of the highest points of the Bernina Range of the Alps.

Get a cable car from Surlej up to Murtèl, from there change to another cable car that will take you to the Corvatsch top station. When you arrive you will be amazed by the panoramic views.

The area is also very popular among skiers.

Piz Nair

Part of the Albula Alps, Piz Nair is the perfect place to admire St.Moritz from above!

Like many Swiss mountains, you can access Piz Nair via funicular and a cable car.

At the top of the hill you will find Panorama, a regional restaurant offering homemade soups and delicious pies.

Thrill seekers can follow the trail down to the Alp Suvretta by mountain bike.

Piz Nair has several steep declines so make sure to bring good footwear!

Lake of Staz

Surrounded by the Staz forest, this lake is a 30 min walk from St.Moritz.

Come rain or shine, this natural wonder serves both as an open-air swimming venue and an ice skating rink.

Enjoy a picnic by the lake or try the homemade ice cream at the Lej da Staz restaurant, one thing is certain, you will come back for more!

Pavarotti & Friends Wine Bar

From rosé to champagne, whatever your wine preference is, you’re bound to find something at Pavarotti.

Beyond its extensive wine list, Pavarotti & Friends also serves delicious food, like the gnocchi mixed with ricotta cheese.

Chesa Futura

Combining traditional and local materials with a futuristic design, Lord Norman Foster created Chesa Futura (‘house of the future’ in Romansch).

Completed in 2004 this modern apartment building blends perfectly with its surroundings.

Chesa Futura has three storeys of apartments, plus car parking and storage space. Thank to its privileged location on a slope, it allows great views of St.Moritz even in the bottom floors!

Casino St. Moritz

Try your luck in Switzerland’s highest altitude casino!

At 1850m, this stylish venue has been promoting quality entertainment since its opening in 2002.

Old and young gamblers come together to play Blackjack, Stud Poker, American Roulette and much more.

The casino is closed in May and November and admission is free from age 18.

Kirche San Karl St. Moritz-Bad

Located on the shores of Lake St.Moritz, this Catholic church was built in the late 19th century by Nikolaus Hartmann.

Come in and admire the church’s stained glass windows. These beautiful features were designed by the Italian painter, Enrico Leone Donati.

Berry Museum

Housed in a 100-year old village, the Berry Museum is dedicated to Peter Robert Berry, a spa physician and painter born in St.Moritz.

The museum opened in 2004 and features some of the artist’s personal belongings including diaries, notes, maps and many other items.

You will also find here Berry’s oil paintings, pastels and drawings, many of which were inspired by the beautiful surroundings and vibrant colours of St.Moritz.

Galerie Gmurzynska 

Galerie Gmurzynska showcases masterpieces of Classical Modernism, Contemporary Art and features many artists of the Russian avant-garde.

Besides St.Moritz, this modern art gallery has branches in Zurich and Zug.

It was originally founded by Antonina Gmurzynska in Cologne, Germany and soon became one of the number one suppliers of avant-garde Russian art to Western collectors.

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