Night Out in the Eternal City


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The night is young in the Eternal City!

Start up with a glass of wine at the Vinaietto, call by the Jerry Thomas Speakeasy for a real cocktail mix and dance the night away in your club of choice.

To finish off, why not start all over again at 6 am with the cheapest beers in town at San Calisto?

Vinaietto – Antica Vineria

It’s not hard to guess the speciality of this Italian bar – Vinaietto is your go-to source for a good glass of wine in the city!

Once a mini market, Vinaietto turned into a wine shop as soon as a supermarket opened in the area.

A glass of wine will cost around 3 to 4 euros, but you can also order a whole bottle and share it with friends!

The place is small, so you will often see people drinking outside, don’t be afraid to join them.

If you don’t fancy a late night, Vinaietto is the place for you, the bar is only open until 11pm and it’s closed on Sundays.

Bar San Calisto

San Calisto has its doors open from dawn to dusk!

Locals-in the know head here for the cheap booze, delicious chocolate drinks and even gelato.

The bar has managed to survived for over 70 years and is a famous hangout for Roman residents who want to get away from the overly charged venues.

If Italian isn’t your forte, it might be hard to communicate here, but it’s certainly worth the experience!

Black Market

Don’t worry there’s no illegal trading in this Black Market, it’s simply the name of a bar in Rome.

Open every day from 5.30pm to 2am, the bar has a friendly atmosphere and a great selection of drinks, including the Black Market IPA.

The music scene sets this place apart from others in the area. From DJs to live music acts, Black Market hosts several events throughout the year, like The Unplugged in Monti – an event that brings together local and international musicians in the back room of the bar for small intimate concerts.

Jerry Thomas Speakeasy

All hail Jerry Thomas – the king of bartenders!

The man who wrote the famous cocktail bible – “How to Mix Drinks or The Bon Vivant’s Company”- inspired many people in the industry and even the name of this Italian bar, founded by Leonardo Leuci.

Opened in 2010, this small speakeasy pays homage to Jerry Thomas and adds an Italian touch to its drinks.

You might want to brush up on your mixology history, as you will need to answer a question to get in this place!

If you’re among the lucky ones, here are some rules to keep in mind: you can only pay in cash, don’t take photos with flash and don’t ever ask for vodka.

The Race Club

You will find this underground club on Via Labicana, a few steps away from the Colosseum.

At first sight, you might think this is a motorcycle shop, but once you go downstairs you will end up in a spacious cocktail den with dim lights.

Try an original cocktail like the Race Club Sour or a craft beer and simply relax on one of their couches.

This club is for members only, but you don’t have to miss out, you can get your membership card on your first visit for only 5 euros.

Goa Club

Head over to Goa Club, one of the trendiest nightclubs in Rome!

Electronic tracks have been playing here since 1996, when this former bike repair shop reinvented itself has a disco.

Goa Club has welcomed many international artists and is known for throwing the best parties in town!

Check out their online agenda to avoid missing any of their events.

Shari Vari – Play House

Italian restaurant by day and a club by night, Shari Vari is probably the most versatile venue in Rome!

Whether you’re looking for a place to brunch or a dance floor, you can stop by this play house every day of the week.

From hip-hop to house, Shari Vari has the perfect soundtrack for all your night-outs.

Fanfulla 5/a

Once a large industrial building, Forte Fanfulla renamed itself as Fanfulla 5/a when it was forced to reduced its area due to the lack of money to support such a huge space.

Established in the Pigneto area, this bar is now famous for hosting theatre performances and live music gigs.

Before you go in, it’s worth exploring the neighborhood and capture some graffiti artworks!

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