Óbidos: The Land of Bookworms and Ginjinha


It’s 6.55 pm, the bus to Óbidos is leaving in 5 minutes and we still haven’t figured out where it departed from. Frustration was getting a hold of Nick for having to go back and forth to read the signs in pretty much every stop. Until I finally swallowed my pride and decided to ask the guy at the ticket office where it was. He pointed to this hidden green building, just off the main street. How was I supposed to find that?

We rush off to the stop and we get in just in time! With almost no places left, we settled for two separate seats, an hour went by until I spotted the Óbidos medieval walls.


Bookworms like me will feel right at home in this small Portuguese town. Here you will find bookshops mixed with biological markets, wine bars and even a former church covered in books.

Our stomachs felt overwhelmed on the first night with the delicious food served at Muralhas, a lamb dish that I dare to say was better than my mom’s!

Of course we couldn’t help but have at least one sip of the traditional “Ginjinha”. This famous drink can be spotted in every corner of Rua Direita, but IBN ERRIK REX is probably one of the best places to sit down and properly enjoy it.

A more concealed drink that you should definitely try while you’re in Óbidos is the “Toupeiro”. Found only at the Bar Cave do Vale Toupeiro, it’s a sweet alcoholic mix with a green olive inside and a side of fried corn, I guarantee you’ll be wanting more than just one of these!


When we arrived on Friday night the town was completely empty, a stillness that seemed a thing of the past the day after, with people lining up for the Christmas market tickets and the restaurants fully packed.

If you want to avoid bumping into a crowd, just step away from the main street and wander around the little streets that surround it instead.

The first thing we saw when we arrived was actually the last thing we visited! They say to save the best for last and climbing up the medieval walls was definitely worth waiting for. The easiest way to enter is close to the castle on the right side and during approximately 45 minutes you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the town, snap at least one selfie or peek into people’s houses and admire their colorful gardens!

Before the sun sets make sure to go to the Senhor da Pedra Sanctuary, an architectural monument that you probably spot while you were up on the wall. Walking back with the orange light taking over the sky was mesmerizing 🙂

In the end a weekend in Óbidos is more than enough to see what this town has to offer, one of our biggest mistakes however was to buy tickets for the Christmas market, unless you have kids please avoid it at all costs! Instead try visiting during the summer season and experience living in medieval times at the Medieval Market in July.

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