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(This is a compilation of places and events written about several cities around the world to add to the Clarice app and the general GuestU database)


Singapore is known by many names, the “Lion City” or the “Red Dot” are only a few ways people refer to the world’s only island city-state!

The island is covered in tropical scenarios and modern architecture buildings, from the incredible Gardens by the Bay to the Botanic Gardens, the only tropical garden to be considered a UNESCO World Heritage.

Considered one of the best destinations in the world, Singapore is home to 5.5 million residents, including Singaporeans and expats.

Get lost in the Chinatown markets, taste Indian cuisine in Little India or go party at Geyland, there’s a whole world to see in Singapore!

San Antonio

San Antonio is the second-largest city in Texas!

Spanish colonists were the first people to set foot on this town, naming it after the Saint Anthony of Padua. After declaring its independence Mexico took over and to this day there are traces of its presence in San Antonio’s culture.

Kids and adults can hop on a ride at Six Flags Fiesta or come face to face with the animals at SeaWorld, the city is full of theme parks to choose from!

Those interested in the history of San Antonio can visit Alamo, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that was an important landmark during the Texas revolution.

After soaking up all that information, go for a relaxing stroll at the River Walk and surround yourself with food and fashion.


Home of the renowned Porto wine, this northern city was considered a World Heritage Site by Unesco in 1996.

Before it became the second largest Portuguese metropolis, Oporto was known as Portus Cale. This word-combination was influenced by the presence of Celtics and Romans in the area and soon gave name to the country Portugal.

Bridges frame the waters of the Douro river that flows along the city, one of them in particular, Dom Luís I, leads the way to the nearest city, Vila Nova de Gaia, a quiet region where you’ll find some of the best wine cellars in the world!

Stay in Oporto and wander around the same streets J.K.Rowling did while she was writing the first pages of Harry Potter, admire the city’s architecture, try the traditional eateries like Francesinha and Tripas or simply fill up your glass and go relax by the Ribeira.

Songkran – Thai New Year

Visit Bangkok in April and join the celebrations of the Thai New Year!

A time for family reunion, annual house cleaning and temple visiting, this colorful event attracts thousands of tourists to the Thai capital every year.

During Songkran most of the businesses close and the city is invaded by street parties and water fights that aim to wash away your bad luck for the year to come!


Best known as the capital of Salsa, Cali features a number of attractions, including its own Cristo Rey.

In December the streets get crowed with people for the Cali Fair, a cultural event where people can enjoy salsa concerts, athletic competions and many other activities.

One of the largest cities in Colombia, Cali is the main economic centre in the Southwestern area.

New Year in Dubai

If you’re aiming for a sunny New Year’s Eve, then you should plan a visit to Dubai!

Every year the spotlight turns to the Burj Khalifa, bringing millions of people to the city.

The world’s tallest building is often illuminated, making it the perfect setting for the fireworks, but there is so much more happening, like beach parties and dance performances.

Few cities in the world invest so much on this day as Dubai, so always expect something big and extravagant!

Orlando’s Restaurant & Bar

If you want a taste of St.Lucia, Orlando’s is the place to go!

This Soufrière restaurant is catered by chef Orlando Satchell, a man who’s main mission is to share the Caribbean cuisine with the world.

Thanks to his collaboration with local farmers and fishers, Orlando is able to use locally sourced ingredients and serve exquisite meals.

For dinner there are set menus that include soup, salad, a fish and meat dish and finally the dessert. Among the favorite dishes is the traditional saltfish cake and the chocolate mousse.

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