Rota Vicentina

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Santiago do Cacém

Santiago do Cacém is a versatile city. In addition to the historic buildings that make up the city like the Castle and the Church, it is also a bathing area, with some of the best beaches of the Costa Vicentina, including Monte Velho, also known as “Golden Beach” for the lack of human intervention.

A city that is strongly linked to religion, it receives pilgrims since the Middle Ages!

As for gastronomy, Santiago do Cacém serves the typical açordas of Alentejo, fried eels and it stands out for the sweets, like the Santiago’s cake and Alcomonias, a sweet of Arab origin which can also be found in the area.

Make sure to visit the Santo André Lagoon, where you can practice water sports and watch several types of birds.

Vale Seco

Vale Seco is a land of the interior of Portugal which is essentially linked to agriculture.

The cork trees set most of the landscape and the Campilhas dam is the ideal place for a break on a hot day.

While you’re here take some time to enjoy what nature has to offer!

Cercal do Alentejo

Close to the Algarve, Cercal do Alentejo connects the beaches of the coast to the mountains of Serra do Cercal, here the viewpoint allows us to see the coast running from Vila Nova de Mil Fontes to Porto Covo.

During the 19th century, the area exploited plenty of minerals, focusing mainly on iron.

Today Cercal do Alentejo is a destination chosen by many rural tourism lovers.

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