The Windmills are alive at Serra do Louro

Serra do Louro

We were crossing the bridge on Saturday morning and there was a clear division between a blue sky and a gray cloud. The rain was threatening to cancel our walk at Serra do Louro, but my dad wasn’t keen on quitting.

When we reached Palmela, the sky had cleared up and there was a crowd of people anxious to start this guided walk. I grabbed my camera and zoomed in to some windmills, unaware that would actually be our starting point. It’s funny how clear our eyes can capture something and how incredibly small it looks when we try and snap it with a camera.


300 years, that’s how long these windmills have been on this hidden valley, at least that’s what records show, but they’re probably much older than that! There are 10 in total, but only 2 continue to serve their original purpose, transforming wheat into flour. A couple of facts I learned that day: there are around 500 types of wheat, flour has its own measurement, a so called “W” – higher values are good for bread while lower ones are left for pastas.

Brought back to life in the 1980’s, these two windmills are known as “Moinhos Vivos”, the same name given to the flour and bread produced in a small bakery down the street. After a long story about flour we were hoping to try a slice of this infamous bread, instead we were greeted with some rain and an empty working space. Turns out this isn’t really a bakery, but a small bread factory! Disappointed by the lack of food, we had to content ourselves with a pack of crisps that we brought from home.


As the rain started to cease, we continued our walk down the hill, passing through abandoned windmills, herds of goats and rosemary plantations. Our next stop was an ancient necropolis, a set of caves where nomads left their deceased. I was astounded by how much history there was at Serra do Louro!


The walk concluded with a wine tasting, two crappy red wines and a fruity white, a nice way to end the day.

You can book your walk with Arrabida Dreams like we did or simply venture out on your own!

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