The legend of Saint Martin’s Summer

Saint Martin's Summer

“It’s Saint Martin’s Summer” –  I uttered when my boyfriend asked why the weather in Lisbon suddenly got sunny again.

The Legend of Saint Martin

Many believe the legend that on a cold rainy day Martin, son of a Roman emperor, saw a beggar on the streets with nothing to protect him from the cold.

He cut half of his cloak and shared it with him and gave the other half to another beggar that was further ahead, leaving him without anything to protect himself.

On that moment the clouds disappeared and the sun came, the good weather then lasted for another three days.

saint martin's summer

November was once again announced with the smell of chestnuts and the fog covering the Lisbon train stations and it’s going by as quickly as it came.

It’s been a month since I moved from my previous apartment, the place where numerous parties were thrown and that I once called home is now being put up for sale.

It took a while but we were able to find one in the same area.

Two weeks in and we didn’t have any water or internet but after a few IKEA purchases, a few bad ones at the flea market and a couple of borrowed things from my parents, the place is finally coming together!

Ever since I moved to Lisbon in February I’ve been meaning to start a blog, a place where I can talk about my vintage passion and recent discoveries in the city.

It might have taken me 9 months to do it but City Odes is finally out there for the world to see.

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