Top Attractions in Castries


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Castries Market

Six days a week, over 300 vendors gather up at the Castries Market, Saint Lucia’s largest open-air market.

Established in 1894, it soon became the central hub for fresh fruit, vegetables, spices and much more.

The market is closed on Sundays, but it’s definitely worth going there some other day, specially Saturday morning when the vendors bring out their fresh produce, including mangos, eggplants and delicious coconuts.

While you’re there make sure to also visit the Craft Market next door, where you will find handmade items like wood carvings, pottery and straw hats.

Just across from the Craft Market, there is the Vendor’s Arcade, a must-stop for foodies, where typical Caribbean food is served!

Derek Walcott Square

Enjoy a relaxing walk at this Castries park and admire the local architecture that surrounds it.

The park is set in a square that underwent several name changes, until it finally settled as the Derek Walcott Square in 1993, to honor the local writer who was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature.

Among the square’s main attractions are the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, the Castries Central Library, a monument to St.Lucia’s war dead and a giant Saman Tree which is over 425 years old and is locally known as the Massav tree.

Immaculate Conception Church

If you’re in the Castries neighborhood, it’s worth stopping by the Immaculate Conception Church, the largest church in the Caribbean.

Dating back to 1897, the church features beautiful walls and ceilings depicting colorful biblical scenes designed by Dunstan St.Omer, a St.Lucian artist. The mural incorporates Caribbean and African influences, including a Black Madonna. Above the altar you will find the island’s patron saint, St.Lucia.

Step inside and if you’re lucky you might even listen to the children’s choir, a magical moment that brings this church to life!

Morne Fortune

Climb up to Morne Fortune and enjoy the best view!

The area was originally owned by the French and used as a fort. In 1796 the British captured it and to commemorate this event a monument was established here that still stands today behind the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College. Funny enough, despite its tragic background, Morne Fortuné actually means “Hill of Good Luck”.

There are remains of these fortifications and old military buildings, including a set of cannons pointing out to the sea and old prison cells.

Rodney Bay

Fans of Pirates of the Caribbean can climb aboard the brig Unicorn that sails along the Rodney Bay!

This lively area is a popular hangout for locals and visitors , featuring beach resorts, fine restaurants, nightclubs and the Treasure Bay casino.

Famous for its entertainment, the Rodney Bay is also a commercial center where you will find company’s headquarters, duty-free malls and plenty of cafés!

Pointe Seraphine

St.Lucia is known for its Duty Free shopping and there’s no better place to do it than at Pointe Seraphine!

From clothes and jewelry to car rentals and tours services, whatever you need, it’s likely you will find it here.

The mall is open six days a week and occasionally opens on Sunday if it is a ship day. It is also within walking distance of the George F.L Charles Airport and Castries, which is convenient for visitors.

When you’re done shopping make sure to stop by the café and try a fresh juice or sit down while you get a hair makeover of Caribbean braids.

Don’t forget – to get your duty-free discount make sure to carry your airplane ticket and ID!

La Place Carenage

Local liquors, high-end fragrances and clothing, there is a wide range of items available at this three story mall.

On hot days many trade the beach for a shopping day at La Place Carenage, thanks to its air conditioned facilities.

If you need help, head over to the information desk, where you can learn more about what to do in Saint Lucia. Once you decide, the taxi drivers are just around the corner to take you wherever you want.

Jazz lovers should come around May when the mall hosts the Teatime Jazz, a series of free concerts that bring the community together.

The Pink Plantation House

True to its name, this house is pink and serves some of the most delicious Creole food in the island!

From here you can get a privileged view of the city of Castries and watch the cruises sail along the Caribbean Sea.

The restaurant offers lunch and dinner throughout the week and brunches on Sunday. Most ingredients are grown in their garden, which makes this a must stop for anyone looking to try the local cuisine!

More than a restaurant, the house also serves as an art gallery, event venue and an entertainment hub, so you will have plenty of excuses to come back.

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