Top Attractions in Marigot


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Marigot Market

Tropical fruits, fresh fish and spices are all available at this waterfront market.

Every week on Wednesdays and Saturdays people gather here to stock up on food, buy souvenirs or simply enjoy the water breeze.

If you go early you can spot the fishermen arriving on their colorful boats, before they clean the fish and sell it to you.

Across the street you will also find several “lolos” aka, local restaurants where you can try typical food.

Marigot Bay

Nestled in forested hills, the Marigot Bay is a can’t miss destination while visiting Saint Lucia!

It is considered one of the most beautiful bays in the Caribbean and can be accessed through different ways.

If you’re going to the north side, you can only get there by boat, whereas on the south you can take a car and park there. The ferry service is good and affordable, so take your pick!

Along the bay you will find restaurants, hotels, bars and can even book excursions and other fun activities like diving and kayaking.

Fort Louis

Built in 1789, Fort Louis is the best place to go for a bird’s view of the Marigot Bay!

It was established by Jean Sebastian de Durat, the then governor of St Martin and St Barth.

Fort Louis was meant to defend the warehouses that stored goods like sugar cane, rum, coffee and salt.

The fort was later abandoned but has recently been restored and there are now explanatory panels where you can read about Fort Louis’ history.

Old Prison

Get to know the tragic past of Saint Lucia by visiting this Old Prison.

For years prisoners were kept behind bars here for all sorts of crimes. The cells are now empty but it’s still worth visiting this historic site.

The prison is also very close to the St Lucia Distillers where you can sample some delicious rum.

Durat Bridge

This stone bridge was named after Jean Sebastian de Durat, the famous governor of Saint Lucia Island during the 18th century.

It was used to connect Marigot with the Northern part of the island, particularly the village of Grand Case.

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