Trendy Places in Madrid


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Go off the beaten track and find some of Madrid’s hidden gems!

Brush up on your reading at Desperate Literature, have a spicy hot chocolate at Toma Café or simply go for a walk in Calle del Pez.

Beware, once you visit these places you’re bound to come back for more!

Desperate Literature

If you’re looking for a new read you’re bond to find something at Desperate Literature!

Michael, Corey and Craig are the three people responsible for this second-hand bookshop that stores books in English, Spanish and French.

More than quantity, the owners aim to gather the best titles and turn this space into a literary corner for both Madrileños and tourists!

Mercado de Motores

On the second week of each month, Madrid’s Railway Museum welcomes Mercado de Motores!

This flea market offers a wide range of handmade design items as well as old relics.

You can also visit the food stalls, where you can enjoy anything from paella to a burger!

To avoid the big crowds make sure to go off hours, around 11am or a bit after lunch time.

Calle del Pez

This small stretch holds some of the quirkiest places in the city!

If you walk to number 24 you will see the fish sculpture that gave name to Calle del Pez literally translated as “Fish Street”.

Bars, restaurants and vintage shops are always popping out at Calle del Pez, making it a hotspot for anyone who visits Madrid!

Toma Café

Every morning Toma Café welcomes the early risers and gives them a boost for the day!

Besides the endless coffee options, one of the Toma Café’s specialities is the “chocolate picante”, which is basically a spicy twist of an ordinary hot chocolate.

Grab your laptop and come enjoy a piece of cake while you go through your to-do list!

Jardín de Salvador Bachiller

Looking for a place to hide from the crowd? This secret garden is the answer to your prayers!

Every day from 11am, you can head over to this rooftop and have a drink with the locals. The building is home to the Spanish brand Salvador Bachiller, and also features a tea room on the 3rd floor.

It might not be the cheapest place in town, but it’s definitely worth the splurge!

Fogg Bar

Craft beer is quickly becoming the drink of the season!

More and more places are opening in Madrid to serve this delicious treat and that’s where Fogg Bar comes in. The bar collaborates with local and international distributors to bring the best beers and cheeses to the table.

Among the favorites are Columbus Goes North and Falken Brewery, but you should also treat yourself to a butifarra, a typical Catalan sausage!

1862 Dry Bar

Whether you want to try a new cocktail or you would rather stick with the classics, 1862 Dry Bar has got you covered!

Owned by the cocktail enthusiast, Alberto Martínez, the bar is often packed with people who come here for a late night drink.

All cocktails cost 8€ and if you’re feeling overwhelmed with the amount of choices, simply ask the staff for a recommendation!

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