Trendy Places to Explore in San Francisco

San Francisco

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Swing by San Francisco trendiest places!

Try the baked goods at B.patisserie, buy your favorite record at Amoeba or snag a seat at one of the best restaurants in town.

B. patisserie

B.patisserie is the closest thing you have to a Parisian bakery in San Francisco!

French pastries fill up this patisserie located at Pacific Heights.

Belinda Leong is the genius behind this venue, a talented pastry chef whose creations have conquered the heart of both locals and tourists.

The buttery croissants and the apple tart are among the visitor’s favorites!


As soon as you enter Rye you will be greeted by the staff before you even look at the menu.

The Red Crown Tourist and La Lambada are often the drinks of choice, but there are plenty others worthy of a sip.

Whether you’re coming here for after work drinks, a round of pool with friends or you’re trying to impress your date, Rye has a drink for every occasion.

It’s definitely one of those bars that will have you coming back for more!

Amoeba Music

Music enthusiasts will fall madly in love with this store!

Amoeba is one of the world’s largest record stores, stocking over 100,000 labels, both new and used. From hip-hop to classic jazz, there is something here for all tastes!

Besides the original venue in San Francisco, Amoeba is also based in Hollywood. These musical hubs were brought up by the local community and soon became a Californian landmark.

Occasionally, the stores also organize free live gigs!

Corona Heights Park

Climb up the hills of the Corona Heights Park and enjoy the view!

The park is home to many creatures including garter snakes, butterflies and ravens.

Open from 5am to midnight, there is plenty of time to explore and observe the plants around you. Look out for the poison oak, a plant that provides shelter for birds but gives humans an itchy rash!

Inside Corona Heights you will find a large playground, tennis and basketball courts and right in the center stands the Randall Museum – a museum mostly targeted for children that brings together art, science and history.

Dogs are welcomed here, but you can only take their leash off at the dog run – a trail near Roosevelt and Museum Ways!

The Luggage Store

Don’t let the name fool you, unless it’s part of an exhibit you won’t find any luggage for sale here!

Introducing art programs to the Bay area locals since 1987, Luggage Store is a cultural center that organizes exhibitions, workshops and performing art events. Their goal is to promote inclusion and give voice to the artists in the community.

Bottom of the Hill

Get ready to bust a move at the Bottom of the Hill!

One of the best places for live music in San Francisco, it has hosted bands like Oasis and The White Stripes.

There is a gig pretty much every night of the week, with music ranging from hard rock to pop.

Craving some food? No need to go outside, Bottom of the Hill has a full-equipped bar and a kitchen that is open until late.If you need some fresh air just sneak into the patio area!

Green Apple Books

Time to catch up on your reading at the Green Apple bookstore!

Unless it’s Thanksgiving or Christmas, this shop is open from 10 am to 10.30pm.

Browse through the thousands of books stocked inside or sell your old ones and delight future readers.

Considered one of the best bookstores in the Bay Area, Green Apple has been around since 1967! At the moment they have two locations one at Clement Street and another at 9th Avenue, just take your pick.

Al’s Place

Every dish on the Al’s Place menu is cooked in a special way! The fries for example, go through a process of more than 96 hours where they are fried, brined and refried, giving them a unique texture.

These meticulous creations are brought to you by Aaron London, a chef who turned this quiet San Francisco space into one of the best restaurants in America!

After its rise to fame it became difficult to get a table, your best chance to walk-in sans reservation is around 7:30pm or 9:30pm.

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