Woody Allen’s New York


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New York is the apple of Woody Allen’s eyes!

From “Manhattan” to “Annie Hall”, the city plays a major role in most of the director’s films.

This tour will take you to some of Allen’s favorite locations and will finish off with his own music performance at the Café Carlyle!

Pomander Walk

Named after Louis Parker’s play “Pomander Walk”, this small stretch was established in 1921.

A clear contrast from other Upper West Side complexes, Pomander Walk features colorful, old-fashioned houses inspired by Tudor architecture – a style that was in vogue in America after World War I.

You can spot Woody walking around this area at the beginning of the film “Hannah and Her Sisters”!

The Paris Theater

This is one of the many theaters, Woody Allen and Diane Keaton pop by in “Annie Hall”.

Screening films since 1948, The Paris Theater is the only remaining single-screen theater in Manhattan!

Currently owned by the City Cinemas, its main focus continues to be independent and foreign films.

The 21 Club

The 21 Club makes a cameo appearance in Woody’s “Manhattan Murder Mystery”.

This exquisite restaurant has been around since 1922 and it specializes in American cuisine.

You can easily spot it from afar thanks to the jockey statues featured outside.

Put on your best outfit and make sure to reserve beforehand!

Cherry Lane Theatre

In the film “Another Woman”, Marion (Gena Rowlands) bumps into an old friend at the Cherry Lane.

Known as the oldest running off-Broadway theater, Cherry Lane has staged several plays including Beckett’s “Happy Days” and Sam Shepard’s “True West” premieres.

The theatre alternates between the classics and contemporary productions, joining emerging talents with successful artists in the industry.

Nom Wah Tea Parlor

Grab a dim sum at the Nom Wah Tea Parlor!

The first of its kind to arrive to New York City, the restaurant was featured in Allen’s “Radio Days” – a film about the Radio’s Golden age.

A fruit of the 1920’s, Nom Wah is hidden away in a stretch of Chinatown and offer delicious egg rolls, steamed buns and tea to suit all tastes!

Yonah Schimmel Knish Bakery

Since the 1890’s Yonah Schimmel has been feeding New Yorkers with delicious knishes, an Eastern European snack whose main ingredients are mashed potatoes, ground meat and sauerkraut.

In 2009 one of his regular customers, Woody Allen, decided to use Yonah as the setting for his film “Whatever Works” – a story about an American divorcée that falls for a younger Southern woman.

Before you continue on this tour, make sure to grab a bite to eat!

Queensboro Bridge

Go enjoy the sunset down by the Queensboro Bridge!

Woody’s fans will immediately recognize the bridge from the iconic “Manhattan” scene, where Allen and Keaton sat after their numerous city encounters.

The bench was actually placed here for the film so, unlike the characters, you will have to stand up to capture this one!

Argosy Book Store

Argosy Book Store is one of Woody Allen’s favorite bookshops!

Founded in 1925, the store moved around a bit until it settled in its current address in 1964.

Argosy currently boasts six floors of literary gems and you can catch a glance of it in The Front, one of the many films starred by Woody Allen.

Café Carlyle

If you’re looking to see Woody Allen in the flesh, your best shot is at Café Carlyle!

Every Monday, Woody performs here with The Eddy Davis New Orleans Jazz Band.

Tickets start from $120 and there’s a $25 drink minimum, so be prepared to splurge on this one.

The Carlyle Hotel itself was featured in many of Woody’s films, including “Manhattan”. It was also where Marilyn Monroe sneaked in to meet JFK after her famous birthday tribute!

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