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(This is a compilation of places in York written for the Clarice app)

Christmas Angels

Christmas Angels sells christmas-related items all-year round!

You’ll no longer have to wait until December to shop for Christmas gifts and decorations.

From music boxes to traditional wooden toys, Christmas Angels is also known for having the largest selection of bears in York!

Shambles Market

Open every day from 9am, the Shambles Market has over 85 stalls of food and crafts!

The former Newgate Market didn’t ressonate to any of the York citizens, hence the change of name to Shambles Market, a worldwide famous area in York.

This open-air market is perfect for your daily shopping, providing you with fresh fruit and vegetables and has a food court that you can also explore on your lunch break!

Via Vecchia

Tucked away on the Shambles, this little bakery is the local restaurants’ provider of bread.

Lucky customers can head to this bakery in the morning for a piece of the excess bread, including ciabatta, rosemary and garlic bread and many other treats.

As soon as the bread is out Via Vechhia closes, so make sure to get there early!

Evil Eye Lounge

Evil Eye is said to be one of Johnny Depp’s hangouts in York!

Its vast variety of cocktails has gained them a lot of popularity among locals and tourists.

During the day, Evil Eye is a typical East Asian restaurant and an internet cafe, by night it transforms into a trendy bar with out-of-the box cocktails, beers and ciders from all over the world!

Ye Olde Pie and Sausage Shoppe

Head to this family-run shop for some traditional English pies and sausages.

At the Ye Olde Pie you will find some of the best Yorkshire ingredients like the chillies and the local brewed beer!

Merchant Adventurer’s Hall

Built around 1357 by a group of York citizens, the hall was the base for charity, worship and business.

The former guild hall is divided into three rooms: the Hall where business meetings took place; the Undercroft, a house dedicated to help sick and poor people and the Chapel for spiritual devotion.

Today the Merchant Adventurer’s Hall operates as a museum and can also be hired for events.

Crabtree & Evelyn

Founded in 1972 by Cyrus Harvey, Crabtree & Evelyn started off as a soap retailer and it’s now an international luxury brand!

John Evelyn’s work as a naturalist together with Cyrus passion for the natural world were the base for the creation of this unique shop.

Fragrances, body care products and even biscuits and tea, all packed up in a beautifully designed package can now be found at this British-origin shop!

Red Cow Music

Mandolins, banjos, guitars, flutes are a few of the instruments that compile this folk music shop.

For decades, Red Cow Music has supplied music instruments from all over the UK.

Have fun exploring their worldwide famous Ukulele section where you’ll find over 600 ukuleles!

The House of Trembling Madness

One of York’s most unique pubs, The House of Trembling Madness is set inside a small 12th-century room in Stonegate.

With a vast selection of drinks including ales, beers, ciders and wines, it will be hard to settle with just one!

Rafi’s Spice Box

Rafi’s Spice Box has all the supplies you need to create an Indian meal at home!

Rafi, the former owner taught Indian cooking to the local community when she opened the first Spice Box in 1989.

After her death in 2003, the business kept running in the family, having won the Retailer of the Year award in 2014.

The shop has been increasingly growing and now you can even order your own “Curry Pack” online!

Allerton Castle

Established by the premier Baron of England in the 18th century, Allerton Castle is a piece of York’s Gothic history!

The house is considered a dreamy wedding venue but it’s also available to hire for other events.

If you’re interested in exploring the area, the Allerton Castle is only open to visitors on Wednesday afternoons and some Bank Holiday Monday afternoons or you can try to book a private tour in advance!

Banana Warehouse

Get lost in this immense junk shop!

At Banana Warehouse you will find anything from old books, to furniture, all things bought by the owners at house clearances.

Keep your eyes open and you might get some really good deals!

Braithwaite Gallery

Call in this gallery to shop for original paintings and art prints from both international and local artists!

The Braithwaite Gallery is named after the artist Mark Braithwaite, whose work you will find displayed all over this small space and the artist himself can often be spotted painting inside.

Another of York’s family businesses that is worth a visit!

The Blue Bicycle

For a relaxing dinner in York head to this award-winning restaurant!

A former brothel, the Blue Bicycle is now known for its fresh fish dishes and homemade desserts.

The stylish apartments behind the restaurant also belong to The Blue Bicycle and allow for a comfort break for leisure and business trips!

Snickelways of York

The Snickelways are a set of small and narrow streets in York.

The word ‘Snickelway’ was a neologism at the time but it’s now part of the local vocabulary.

Best explored on foot, these streets will lead you to many of York’s hidden treasures,so grab a map and lose yourself in the remains of the past!

Medieval city walls

Still visible in most of the city, the remains of the original York walls make up the largest intact Medieval wall in England!

Also known as York City Walls, Bar Walls or Roman Walls,they were originally built to defend the city back in the Roman times.

Controlled via toll gates, Bootham Bar, Walmgate Bar, Monk Bar and Micklegate Bar were at the time the main entrances to the city.

To complete the entire 2.75 miles route will take about 2 hours!

York Guildhall

The York Guildhall was the meeting point for the Guilds of York.

After an air aid caused a fire and damaged the Guildhall in 1942, the original 15th century building was rebuilt and it only opened to the public in 1960.

The stone walls and the Inner Room are the only remains of the former hall.

Look closely to the stained glass window and you’ll find pieces of York’s history!

Barley Hall

Have a feel of the medieval life in England by visiting Barley Hall.

Unlike an ordinary monument, Barley Hall allows you to sit on the chairs and even handle the objects!

This historical house was hidden for most of the time and it was only in the 1980s that it surfaced again.

Breezy Knees Gardens

Only 5 miles from the centre you will stumble upon these colorful gardens!

Breezy Knees has over 6,000 different plants species to see and stunning flowers on display from May to the end of September!

Explore the gardens’ nursery for one of the best selections of perennials in England or choose something to buy for your own garden.

Rowntree Park

Escape from the hustle of the city and visit the Rowntree Park!

Tennis courts, skateboarding area, bowling greens and a water cascade are a few of the features of that await you at this large park.

Open to the public since 1921, its name is an homage to the employees of the York-based Rowntree confectionery business.

Micklegate Bar Museum

One of York’s main gateways, Micklegate Bar was once used to display the heads of many executed traitors and tyrants!

Besides its barbaric history, the gate also served as a dwelling house and it was the main entrance to the city.

Go back in time with the Henry VII experience based at Micklegate and find out how this first Tudor monarch influenced York!

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